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Dr. Tatjana Deretic completed her residency in General Psychiatry at the West Virginia University and her Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, University of Pittsburgh.

She has been practicing Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry in Washington State since 2004.

In October of 2009 she opened her private practice in Bellevue, WA.

Transcript between “Chat with Women” and “Dr. Tatjana Deretic”

Chat with Women: Welcome to Chat with Women, this is Pam... Hi this is Rachelle. We have all about health today, it is all about health; head health, heart health, home health. HEALTH.

I am going to introduce right out of the gate, Pam and I discovered this woman, and she’s lovely! We want you to meet her; her name is Dr. Tatjana Deretic.Wait till you hear her, her accent is Fabulous!She is a child adolescent and adult physiatrist.She is double board certified for Adult and child AND adolescent psychiatry, and has recently expanded her practice to Bellevue.She’s a motivational speaker and a life coach as well. Her patients range from 3 to 55 years of age.  So Good Morning and Welcome, Thank you for joining us.

Dr. Tatjana Deretic: Yes, Good morning and Thank You for having me here, and Good Morning to all the listeners in the Chat with Women program.

Chat with Women:We want you to tell us a little bit about your life and how that has been influencing your approach to your patients, because when we chatted with you, you had a little different scheme on things…

Dr. Tatjana Deretic: Well, my life so far has been really interesting and challenging but also wonderful at the same time.I’m originally from Yugoslavia and I never actually thought I would be talking to these two wonderful ladies today but that is the beauty of life, it takes us in a million different directions.I have been challenged quite a bit in my life and I guess the challenge is in my name...

Chat with Woman: (Laughter) Just for some, not for everybody.

Dr. Tatjana Deretic: So I try to use my own life experiences to help people in their difficult moments in their life to explain that when sometimes things are not going the way that we would like them to go, that doesn’t mean that that is negative.That we can turn it around and make it a positive experience and what is the real learning, I always say that we are learning the most when we are actually in some kind of pain.A pain is given to us as a healthy response to help us move to the next level in our life.

So that’s how my life has been, lots of challenges trying different things, pushing the frontiers and trying to make it better.So, that is what I try to share with my patients.Never, never get stuck with a negative; always try to look for the positives.

Chat with Women:Well you are the first physiatrist (and I’m not young, I’m a baby boomer) that I have met that isn’t just about prescribing medicine.  You know that’s always been our idea of what a physiatrist does, well we go in and they give us the pill and then we go back to see a counselor.   We were so in light, we were like, Oh my gosh there is a physiatrist that isn’t just about that.  Of course, you do if you need to but you’re about more around life coaching.You know it’s a whole different paradigm taking psychiatry to the market place.So explain how you’re different than the typical physiatrist.

Dr. Tatjana Deretic:Unfortunately, we are all driven by the health care insurances and the system, so psychiatry always has been a whole equilibrium; the body and the mind.  In the last several years things have turned to be all about the pills.I cannot prescribe the pill if I do not absolutely know every single detail about my patient.The first session is very often surprising for the patients because I request to talk about childhood, I talk about an entire life, entire experiences and sometimes people say “I am only here to get my medication” and I say, well maybe that is why you are here, but I still need to know everything about you.  Then we look into what else needs to be done, because pills work on the brain, but there is a mind, there is our soul that needs to be helped.  Or just regular life situations, us as parents, us as partners, us as friends and human beings.  For me that is very important, I like to see my patients doing well not just for their symptoms, but as a whole human beings.

Chat with Women:I think one of the things we discovered also is that you talk to your patients; you have an ongoing dialog with them.It’s not just them talking to you.You are giving them advice, you are guiding them. 

Dr. Tatjana Deretic: Yes, because I see myself in some sense as a mentor and as we started this talk, what is my life experience… and I have lots of life, I have tried many things that I actually talk about.  I have actually tried on myself.  So I know it can work.  Psychiatry really is not only about the pills it’s about teaching and mentoring because in order to be a physiatrist you have to go through so much learning and reading and I every day read so many newspapers and magazines and books and try to share that with my patients.  So it’s not always their individual experience, but also my outlook on what’s happening in the United States, what’s happening in the World, I travel a lot, plus I think I bring the sense of different cultures it’s a combination.  Many of my patients actually like that, they say that they can get that other perspective not just what they are born and raised from, people that are born and raised from different cultures, experience some things in a different cultural way.

Chat with Women: Well that’s the other thing we were talking to you, that you said that just really excited me about going to a physiatrist for the first time if I needed one.Was that you actually give me some answers.How many times have you gone to the councilor, and I’ve been to many trust me, they just say “Well what do you think?”…but that’s why I’m sitting here, I don’t have the answers.  You actually give answers, and that’s a whole other guidance.You’ll say; this is what I see,this is what I hear and that’s what I always starve for, because I think I’m pretty intelligent.  I think that if I go to one, it’s because I want some answers and then I never get them, so I leave very frustrated.  Always.

Dr. Tatjana Deretic: Well, in my very early training I have talked to my patients about what it is that they like, or what they didn’t like about some of their treatments and many of them say “Well we go there and we don’t get any feedback.” 


…and I was thinking, yes we all need to get some feedback or else we don’t know where we stand.  So I started developing my style on developing the relationship that goes back and forth.  But in giving lots of feedback I tell my patients to see me as a mirror so what I say is a reflection of what you are presenting, what you are bringing to me.

Chat with Women:Oh that’s good, that’s really good!    So let’s tell our audience where you are located, because coming to Bellevue is new for you so if there listening…

Dr. Tatjana Deretic: Yes, my location in Bellevue... The address is 1370 116th Ave. NE Bellevue, 98004.  It’s right across from Overlake Hospital closer to intersection on 116th and 12th.

Chat with Women: What’s your phone number?

Dr. Tatjana Deretic: 360-914-0283.  I also have another location on Whidbey Island my office is in Coupeville.

Chat with Women: Well I love the idea that you help children too this isn’t just about a single person; it’s about a whole family.

Dr. Tatjana Deretic: It is, I really see myself as a family physiatrist, family counselor, mentor, if I can use that word.

Chat with Women: Well, really when you think about it, if someone in the family isn’t functioning, then the whole family isn’t functioning.  So to be able to work with everybody is really a gift.

One of the things we’ve heard and maybe you can tell us if this is true… is that one that is acting out that they bring, isn’t always the one that has the worst problem.  (Laughter)

Dr. Tatjana Deretic: That’s also very true, we kind of sometimes joke that, that they are not actually the only one. 

Chat with Women: Exactly

Dr. Tatjana Deretic: Plus if you’re going to change the dynamics, we have to change on the family level.  Only under those circumstances can the whole family system move on. 

Chat with Women: Wonderful.  Well, thank you for joining us today.

Dr. Tatjana Deretic: Thank you so much for having me.

Chat with Women: Let me give out the phone number one more time, its 360-914-0283.